Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Looking for a new IA...

I might as well mention that Red Square is looking for an Information Architect to join the team. The role is a senior one, and involves taking 'charge' of the IA/UCD discipline within the company. It's a combined role - hands-on work mixed with business and strategic thinking.

In the role the IA will be expected to contribute actively to the ongoing development of IA knowledge within Red Square, and provide critical input into the discipline with respect to the ways in which we offer IA and user-centred design services to our clients.

The IA is expected to review current literature and discussion on topics related to the area of expertise, and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical way to the projects undertaken at Red Square. Similarly, the role has a commercial dimension to it that involves both business development and client engagement.

Ultimately, you'll work with me to build a UED consulting discipline within Red Square as a self-contained entity within the overall project workflow - either as part of that workflow, or as a standalone project.

There'll be a formal job posting on the Red Square web site in the next few days, but if you think you might fit the bill, drop me a line.

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