Monday, September 29, 2008

Your friend Steve Baty has signed up for Ocsober!

Here's the official blurb...

Your friend Steve Baty has signed up for Ocsober!

I have signed up as a participant in this year's Ocsober campaign.

What's Ocsober?

Ocsober is an alcohol free month being run during October. It's a personal challenge whereby I don't drink, you sponsor me and the money raised goes directly to Life Education Australia - to educate Aussie kids about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Its going to be tough - that's why I am asking for your support - and a donation or two! Plus some messages of personal encouragement would be greatly appreciated. To sponsor me, go to my profile page .

Also, while I have already signed up - how about you? It would be a great to share the challenge with you. It's free to sign up, so why not have a look at the Ocsober website at

One more thing, for those who need to celebrate or just have some time out during the month - you can purchase a Legends Leave Pass for up to two (2) days during October - which allows you to have a drink on the designated days.

Remember, all sponsorships $2.00 and over are Tax Deductable Donations to Life Education Australia.

So why not give it a go? Be sober in October - for our kids.



Now, a part of me thinks this is so totally un-Australian that I can't believe the event is sanctioned in this country. I checked the rules, and by 'No alcohol' they mean "No beer" too!! Somewhere, probably Miami, Bob Hawke is weeping into a schooner glass, lamenting what this country has become.

But, sadly, that's exactly the problem. Our kids absorb attitudes to alcohol at such an early age that they hit their teens with firm perceptions about what's "acceptable" with respect to alcohol consumption. So it's really, really important that we make a conscious effort to set an example that will help the next generation of kids grow up without the same issues of alcoholism and binge-drinking - and all the social, physical and emotional problems that ensue - that haunt our own.

So, join me; support our team; play a small but significant part in helping to solve this great and pervasive problem in Australian culture.


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