Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WebJam 8 - don't be a bum!

If you've never been to a WebJam before then it might not be entirely clear what you're in for. Think 'Open Mike' comedy night for code monkeys; think rock'n'roll; think karaoke; think Australian Idol - with Big Brother-style populist voting.

WebJam is one of the most energetic, friendly, good-humored, brag-a-delic, social events for the Web community you're likely to find anywhere; ever. If you're not going to be there, then, in the words of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke "you're a bum!"

WebJam 8 is being held on Thursday 25th September at Bar Broadway, opposite the University of Technology, Sydney, and coincides with the first day of Web Directions South.

The night is brought to you buy the side-choppin' awesome of Lachlan Hardy and 'Scenario Girl' Lisa Herrod. And, of course, there's some people putting up some cash in sponsorship, including Adobe, the dudes at Happener, and your's truly at Meld.

So, don't be a bum! Come along and support your local Web talent. Have a free drink (on me). And enjoy a night with your peers.

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