Thursday, July 27, 2006

Brand Experience in User Experience - now at

I'm very pleased to report that my first article for UXmatters - - has been published!! The article - Brand Experience in User Experience - looks at the role of brand experience in the definition of project objectives for user experience projects, and how those objectives can flow through into the resultant solution design.

The article references previous work by Jared Spool (of UIE) and Dirk Knemeyer (of Involution Studios) - see the article for specific works.

But since writing the article I've also found this article by Dan Saffer, written in June 2002 for Boxes and Arrows. The article - Building Brand into Structure - takes a similar view of brand experience (in this case, brand values) as they apply to the design of sites - information architecture & interaction design. Well worth a read, particularly for the examples provided at a very nuts-and-bolts level. It's a pity I didn't find this article earlier as it's rich in material.

For those heading to the Sydney IA-Peers f2f tonight, I'll see you there.

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