Thursday, November 02, 2006

Since Oz-IA and other recent events...

Since the Oz IA retreat things have been rather hectic around here. We're in the final stages of developing a major Web-based business application that utilises AJAX throughout the interface to provide a more responsive experience for the users. My work on the project commenced in March 2004 with a high-level conceptual architecture and has progressed through various stages since then. Four more weeks should hopefully see us finished with the main body of the application, leaving integration into other systems as the last stage.

I've also been busily working on writing a column for UXMatters, which I hope you'll see in the near, near future. The column's about user research generally and starts with a review of some recent debate about the merits of user research; I'm hoping it isn't too abstract for the readers.

A couple of recent projects have finished off well, and been well-received. Our site for Tourism Queensland - Queensland Holidays - won an award recently, for which we were all pretty happy.

On a more personal note, the summer is almost upon us and with it a new season of international cricket!! I'm looking forward to the Ashes series, and if you look carefully you'll see me parked on a seat in the Ladies Stand for the duration.

I'm not sure how many of you may have attended my presentation at the Oz-IA conference, but the feedback I've received so far has been largely positive, including this from Zef in NZ who says I hurt his brain - but in a good way.

More soon...

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